Why I am Running

People ask me – Why are you running for the Wyoming Legislature?

Even more ask – Why are you running as a Democrat for the Wyoming Legislature?

When I moved to Wyoming in 2008 I only had a few goals.  Run my wildland firefighting business; spend time with my wife hiking, taking pictures, relaxing in Yellowstone, The Tetons, and the Big Horns; and hunting elk.


After of few years of little work for my Company, none in Wyoming on state fires I researched the Wyoming preference law.  I then went to my Representative and talked to him about why the State of Wyoming was using my Tax Dollar to bring in entities from out of state instead of hiring my company or other Wyoming companies.

He said he would look into it. He drafted legislation to address the issue.  It was never introduced and nothing happened.

Meanwhile my wife got a job with Marathon Oil so that we could have health insurance.

In 2012 there were a lot of fires in Wyoming.  Again in 2013 my company and other Wyoming companies got none of the work.  Again I talked to my representative.  Again legislation was drafted, but not introduce and nothing happened.

high park 2012 125

In 2014, the “Wyoming Business Report” did an article in which the Wyoming State Forester bragged that “there were over 4,000 firefighters in Wyoming from over 30 states. That makes the concerns if four Wyoming based contractors with a handful of employees seem smaller in the scheme of things.”  He also stated that when spending YOUR Tax Dollar “cost has little bearing”.

In 2012 Wyoming spent $45 million of YOUR tax dollars on those firefighters from 30 states.  Two Wyoming companies went out of business and the jobs were lost.

This is what got me started in following legislation and what is happening in Cheyenne.

Badger creek (2)

In Jan 2017 Rep. Dave Miller (R), the Wyoming House Majority Leader in a speech to the Wyoming House of Representatives stated “every non-mineral job is a further drain on our limited revenues.” (Wyoming publicmedia.org 1/11/17)

I find this statement of Majority Leader extremely offensive – but it explains the actions of your Legislature.

How many of you are directly involved in the extraction of minerals?

Let me assure you that if YOU are a:

Farmer or Rancher  –  You are not a drain on Wyoming

Teacher, or Coach  –  You are not a drain on Wyoming

Business Owner or Cowboy –  You are not a drain on Wyoming

Police Officer, Firefighter, or First Responder –  You are not a drain on Wyoming

Retail Worker, Server, Cook –  You are not a drain on Wyoming

Doctor, Nurse, or Other Health Care Provider –   You are not a drain on Wyoming

Construction Worker, Day Care Provider –  You are not a drain on Wyoming

City, County, State, or Federal Employee –  You are not a drain on Wyoming

Veteran or Student –  You are not a drain on Wyoming

Sick, Handicapped, or Disabled –  You are not a drain on Wyoming

Retiree – You are not a drain on Wyoming

YOUR Representative was unwilling to stand up against this position from his leadership.

You are Wyoming.  You need a voice.  You are worth fighting for!

 That is why I am running for the Wyoming Legislature. 

I have been injured and have had to go to court to see a specialist because the employer got to pick the doctor; I now have permanent disability because of the delay.

I have paid for health insurance for over 25 years so that I would have coverage when I retired, only to have elected Republicans take the plan away just before my retirement.


I was denied health insurance because of pre-existing condition (on the job injury) by a health insurance Company, but once my wife went to work for a big corporation the same Company would cover us.

I have seen people denied medical treatment because they could not pay.

I have seen children denied school meals because their parents could not pay for meals.

I have seen our environment and state budget put at risk by allowing corporations to self bond; only to see them go bankrupt.

I have seen state officials let our state lands go to waste because it was too much trouble to do their job.

I have seen the Wyoming Legislature protect out of state big money interests at the expense of the residents.


That is why I am running as a Democrat for the Wyoming Legislature!

YOU are worth Fighting For! 



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