Grizzly Bears & Wolves

I enjoy seeing a grizzly bear or wolf as much as anyone.

That being said, they have both recovered past the point on needing complete protection.

I believe that it is time to give management back to the state of Wyoming and to allow Game & Fish oversee the management of both including hunting.


Living in Clark, I maybe have more of a first hand perspective on the problems that grizzly bears and wolves cause. They have reached a level of overpopulation and are being forced out by the more dominate of the kind. They are negatively impacting the other wildlife in the area.

My neighbor looses several head of cattle a year to grizzlies, many within a mile of my house. Some of these loses are compensated, some are not. The cattle he has in this area average substantially less in weight than cattle he has away from the area. This loss is not compensated. This loss is caused by the cattle being chased and harassed by both wolves and grizzly bears.

I know people that have been attacked in the area.

I have grizzly bears and wolves in my yard several times a year, including a bear that attacked my dog when I let him out of the house.

In addition to hunting, I believe that Game & Fish needs to compile a list of individuals that would be willing to pay for “hunting” problem bears and wolves when needed. This would not only eliminate the problem animals that are going to be removed by Game & Fish or US Fish & Wildlife anyway, but would generate revenues for Game & Fish.


As long as these animals are causing losses and damages to livestock, domestic animals, and people I believe the State needs to cover these loses.

It is time we manage these resources for the benefit of all.

YOU are worth Fighting For!



                                      Paid for by Mike Specht, 24 Hail Basin Rd, Clark WY 82435