Health Insurance

Wyoming is a leader in the United States. Wyoming has the highest prices for health insurance in the lower 48. This is not a time it is good to be number 1.

Health care costs are the leading cause for individual bankruptcies in the US.

Prior to the Affordable Health Care Act my wife and I were denied individual health coverage in Wyoming because I had a pre-existing condition. When my wife went to work for a large oil company, the insurer that had denied us coverage would then cover us.

After my wife lost her job with the oil company during the last Bust, she got a job with the school district. The company administering the Wyoming Education System insurance had no problem with us, even though they also had turned us down individually.

In the Wyoming, the health care market place has only one carrier of individual health insurance, yet many companies cater the needs of large businesses and government entities.


12% of Park County residents have no health insurance and 31% have public health insurance. 43% have none or are already covered under a public plan.

Why does Your Representatives allow insurance companies that will only provide coverage in Wyoming to the large employers, yet refuse to cover You and Your family as individuals?

Why does Your Representative allow insurance companies to discriminate against YOU because of who you work for?

I propose two solutions for this problem.

The first proposal would be to require any insurance company selling or administering group coverage in Wyoming would have to offer equal coverage to individuals and families at the same rate.

The second proposal would be for the Legislature to create a self insurance pool to cover all Wyoming residents. This would combine Medicaid funds, government insurance funds (public employees and education insurance funds), allow all Wyoming residents and small employers to buy into the fund. It would not be mandatory, but would extend protections to those that want coverage and can not get or afford it now.

YOU are worth Fighting For!



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