Hunting & Fishing

I have been a licensed hunter since 1971 and have hunted every year since, except the 3 years I was overseas with the Air Force. My earliest memories are of hunting pheasants with my mom, dad, and grandparents and fishing with my grandparents.

I believe that hunting and fishing is essential in helping our young people learn responsibility for their actions and a love of our great outdoors.

I believe that hunting and fishing is critical to the development and expansion of recreational and economic opportunities. Not only do hunting and fishing contribute to the overall economy of Wyoming it contributes to increasing the “quality of life” that is essential for Wyoming to keep and attract the workers we need to move the state forward.

Having lived, hunted, and fished in several other states I am amazed at how resident hunters and anglers are treated, compared to non-residents.


I support the ability of all resident hunters to acquire and build preference points for all species that have a lottery system. Non-residents can build preference points for deer, elk, and antelope – why can’t residents.

In 2018 HB 121 would have allowed residents to build preference points for wild bison hunts and HB 143 would have allowed residents to build preference points of sage grouse. These two bills would have generated almost $350,000 a year for Game & Fish. I believe these bills would have been a good start, but YOUR Representative voted against them.

In 2017, YOUR Representative voted to create a new 5 day non-resident fishing license reducing the cost to non-residents and also exempting the license from having to purchase a conservation stamp like residents do. This benefit to non-residents cut $125,000 a year from Game & Fish. I would not have supported the exemption of a conservation stamp or the cuts to Game & Fish.

One area of fishing regulation that I do not support is the push to ban live bait from parts of the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River. This attempt is pushed by guides to cater to out of state fly fishermen who don’t want to see people sitting along the bank catching fish.


I support local parents and grandparents being able to take their children and grandchildren down to the river, like they always have, with a can of worms or a bucket of grasshoppers and spend quality time bonding and making memories in our great outdoors.

I believe that our wildlife are a resource that belongs to all of us and that we need to protect that resource by protecting the winter ranges and spring calving grounds, YOUR Representative opposed protecting these grounds (HB 102 2016).

I believe that we all benefit from the tax revenues generated by dollars from hunting and fishing. Therefore I believe that Wyoming Game & Fish should receive funding from general fund revenues instead of solely relying on funding from the sale of licenses.

Sandy elk Jan 2011 004

I believe that our livestock producers should receive depredation payments for their losses. I believe that injuries from wildlife to domestic animals and people should be reimbursed. I do not believe that those funds should come from hunters and fishermen; I believe those payments should come out of the general fund. Wildlife is a resource that belongs to everyone, so everyone should be responsible for their actions.

Many people in Wyoming claim residency in multiple states. They want to claim Wyoming Residency so they can enjoy our hunting and fishing opportunities; but they want to claim residency elsewhere to register their vehicles at a cheaper rate.

I support legislation that would ban anyone that has any vehicle registered in another state or in any way claim resident benefits in another state from purchasing Wyoming resident hunting or fishing licenses. Your Representative opposed that requirement (HB 112 2016).

I believe that individuals or corporations that are blocking access to public land should be ineligible from receiving any state benefits including grazing leases on state land.

Wyoming has hunting and fishing opportunities that are second to none and I will do everything I can to keep it that way.

YOU are worth Fighting For!



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