Internet & Communications

We must require “Net Neutrality”, increase Broadband, and expand cell phone coverage. Without communication capability we can not bring in economic development.

The Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming (ENDOW) report reported that Wyoming ranks 46th in connectivity in the United States and that one of the greatest bottlenecks is lack of reliable wireless and internet service. This is not acceptable and unless it is corrected Wyoming can not grow.


The ENDOW report targets the “business corridors” for the increase in access in their recommendation. I believe we must increase access everywhere, especially in rural areas like Park County. We must build a system that is easily upgradeable, or by the time it is built it will be obsolete.

Wyoming must pass “Net Neutrality” legislation. We must ensure that Wyoming businesses have access to open markets and that any company charging Wyoming residents for service must provide them the same access as all of their other customers, no less.


We can no longer wait for out of state corporations to decide what level of cell service YOU receive. Here in Park County you just have to drive around to see where YOU don’t have service. It should not matter who your carrier is; but it does because one carrier has service here but not there, another has service there but not here, and others have no coverage. This happens because they will not allow each other on their towers.
These national carriers get approval for towers they never build to keep competition out.  They charge YOU the same rate they charge in Denver, New York, or LA, but they don’t give you the same service.


I propose that the State of Wyoming invest in telecommunications infrastructure. Wyoming should build the communications towers. Wyoming can then rent space to all carriers eliminating dead spots and generating income to further expand the system. The state as owners of the towers can then require carriers to provide coverage on lower volume areas in order to get access to the high volume “cherries”.

Reliable cell coverage is not a matter of convenience in Park County it is a matter of life and death.

YOU can not afford to keep a Legislature that only wants to “cut”; YOU deserve someone that is willing to invest in YOU. YOUR future depends on it.

YOU are worth Fighting For!



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