Marijuana & Hemp

“Marijuana” needs to be looked at in three separate areas: Medical, Recreational, and Industrial. I will talk about each.

1) Medical
There is growing evidence that Marijuana and Cannabidiol has medical benefits in hundreds of ways. Some of the treatments include treatment of seizures, glaucoma, PTSD, arthritis, chronic pain, cancer treatments, MS, drug addiction,…

30 states allow Marijuana and Cannabidiol to be used for medical procedures to improve patients’ conditions.

YOU and YOUR medical provider are best able to look at options and determine how best to treat YOUR specific condition.


YOUR Representative has voted against YOU and YOUR treatment options on many occasions (2016 HB 110, 2018 HB 064).

There is no one in the Wyoming Legislature that knows YOUR medical circumstances and how best to treat YOU. I will never get between you and your medical professional.

Thousands of people are currently being treated in 30 states with Marijuana and Cannabidiol. These people are prevented from coming to Wyoming and enjoying what we have to offer. They must make a choice to stop their medical treatment or face criminal prosecution for treating their condition if they come to Wyoming.

This archaic policy is costing Wyoming businesses millions in lost revenue a year.
I will support allowing visitors to Wyoming to bring their medications so they can enjoy Wyoming without fear; YOUR Representative opposed this (2016 HB 007).

2) Recreational
I support adults being able to make the decision on their own, without interference from the government. YOUR Representative want to make your choices for YOU (2016 HB 003, 2018 HB 016).

I do believe that it will need to be regulated like alcohol for reasons of public safety, but the choice to use or not should be yours not the government.

3) Industrial
In 2017 Wyoming legislature approved allowing the growing of hemp; however there are not places to sell it.
I would support investing into researching and developing facilities to turn raw hemp plants into finished products. There are over 25,000 uses for hemp, in the rest of the world. We need to help create the demand for our farmers’ products.

This will require directing Wyoming agencies to work with and through our US Congressional delegation to get Federal statutes changed to allow the manufacture of the products. The US imports over $300 Million in hemp products, but prevents US companies from making products.

It is time to take the lead and help create a new market for our farmers.

YOU are worth Fighting For!



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