Medicaid Expansion

This is one of the easiest decisions – I support fully accepting “Medicaid Expansion”.

While the majority of YOU support it, Your Representative has refused to accept “Medicaid Expansion”. This action has cost Wyoming almost a half a Billion Dollars over the past 4 years.

This has denied health care to over 20,000 Wyoming residents disproportionately affecting young families, children, and those that have conditions that prevent them from working.

Preventative care is a lot cheaper than treating a full blown problem.


This negatively impacts the healthcare for all Wyoming Residents, not just the low income. This is a major self inflicted problem in Park County where over 21% of the residents are over 65.

When healthy insured people have to use medical services, you pay a higher price to cover the cost that the facilities did not get reimbursed for. You also get to pay higher insurance premiums and higher property taxes to the county and hospital districts to make up for what they lose covering the uninsured.

When Montana accepted Medicaid expansion it created 5000 new jobs, and $280 Million in new personal income, according to a UM study.

With half the population of Montana that could have added 2500 Jobs and $140 Million in new personal income to Wyoming per year. $140 Million in new income would have generated almost $1 Billion in economic impact per year in Wyoming. Instead Wyoming has lost around 8300 residents.

We can make lives better.

YOU are worth Fighting For!



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