Even though Wyoming has the lowest minimum wage in the US at $5.15 an hour and 39% of female single parent households with children under age 18 are under the poverty level – YOUR Representative continually votes against raising the minimum wage.

We can not rebuild Wyoming and the middle class on $5.15 an hour.


YOUR Representative repeatedly has opposed efforts to raise the minimum wage (2017 HB 140 and 2016 HB 004).

Wyoming has the worst gender pay gap in the US with women in Wyoming only making 64% of what men do (Casper Tribune 10, 2018).


Both of these facts are a disgrace.

You only have to look at these to facts to answer why:

Wyoming’s youth are leaving the State?

Wyoming lost over 8300 residents in the last 2 years?

Why Wyoming can not attract workers from out of state?

Why so many families, especially those headed by a single female parent, are on public assistance?


Wyoming must raise its minimum wage to a living wage and ensure that all workers are treated equally and fairly.

It is time that the Wyoming taxpayers stop subsidizing businesses (especially those from out of state) by using tax dollars to provide for the support and welfare of their employees.

Employers need to start paying a fair days wage for a fair days work!

YOU are worth Fighting For! 



Paid for by Mike Specht, 24 Hail Basin Rd, Clark WY 82435