Two of the most important pieces of advice I ever received:

One came from my mother who always said – Don’t complain about something if you are not willing to do something about it.

The second came from an old MSGT – Worry about those you are responsible for – and not those that are above you, there are plenty of people watching out for them.

This is why I have always fought for the underdog.

In Jan 2017 Rep. Dave Miller (R), the Wyoming House Majority Leader in a speech to the Wyoming House of Representatives stated “every non-mineral job is a further drain on our limited revenues.

I find this statement of Majority Leader extremely offensive – but it explains the actions of your Legislature.

How many of you are directly involved in the extraction of minerals?

Let me assure you that if YOU are a:

Farmer or Rancher  –

Teacher, or Coach  –

Business Owner –

Police Officer, Firefighter, or First responder –

Retail Worker, Server, Cook –

Doctor, Nurse, or Other Health Care Provider –

Cowboy, Construction Worker, Day Care Provider –

City, County, State, or Federal Employee –

Veteran or Student –

Sick, Handicapped, or Disabled –

Retiree –

You are not a drain on Wyoming

You are Wyoming.  You are worth fighting for.


The first words in Article 1 Section 1 of the Wyoming Constitution state “All power is inherent in the people,”

Your Legislature has forgotten this. Your Legislature is catering to interests other than those of the people.  Your Legislature has forgotten YOU.

Your Legislature is failing YOU.

There are 6 major areas that your needs are not being met:

1)    Fiscal Accountability & Taxation

2)    Economic Diversity

3)    Education and Training

4)    Health Care

5)    Protection of You the Citizens

6)   Public Lands and the Environment

It has taken years for Your Legislature to get more responsive to special out of state interests than to Your interests.

This has happened because for many years You did not have a choice.

YOU now have a choice.

That is why I am running to be Your Representative from House District #50 to the Wyoming Legislature.

I am willing to fight for YOU – and Your family – because YOU are the most important thing in Wyoming. 

YOU are worth Fighting For! 



                                                                           Paid for by Mike Specht, 24 Hail Basin Rd, Clark WY 82435