Fiscal Accountability

Living here for 10 years I am new – I have seen other things – I do not accept this theory of a “BOOM &BUST” mentality. Just because that is the way it has always been here – Does not make it the best way of doing things.

Cash Investments

In 2016, Amendment A allowed some state money to be invested other than in a “Bank”.

Article III Sec. 38 authorizes the Legislature to invest YOUR funds.

In Nov 2017, Wyoming Treasurer Mark Gordon announced the state made 8.4 to 9.4% on its $20.8 Billion for and earning of $1.17 Billion (Cody Enterprise & Powell

Tribune 11/9/17).  The major markets during the same time were up 19 to 28%.

The $61.5 million in education cuts made in the last 2 sessions could have been avoided with a 0.3% better use of your money in just one year, or 0.15% each year.

During that time my personal investments (using a local Cody investment professional) was up 12.2%.  You would have made between $588 and $800 Million more in one year.

Before we start making Draconian cuts to education and essential services, we must demand that our elected leaders start to do the job they were elected to. We must insure that we maximize the income from YOUR assets.

No matter how hard you work, your money can work harder. It’s time to work smarter not harder.

This may take changes to statues and maybe even need bringing a vote on a constitutional change back to you. But – isn’t that what you expect of your Representative.

Non Cash Investments 

Wyoming has millions of acres of land and other real property owned by YOU the citizens of Wyoming.  This land and property is held in trust and managed by the Office of Land and Investment for YOUR benefit.

In 1999 the State of Wyoming requested 657 acres of land in Park County from the US Government.  What was at the time, prime agriculture and wildlife habitat has sat and deteriorated for over 18 years.  The Office of Land and Investment has not done anything to generate an income for YOU from this parcel, even though Federally owned land adjacent to the State land is generating income from grazing leases.

drug ranch 1

This land also had a large log home and several outbuildings on it at the time the State received ownership. In 2005 the US Department of Justice stated the Wyoming Office of Land and Investment could sell the structures. The state did nothing and the buildings fell in to disrepair. In 2018, the Wyoming Office of Land and Investment without advertising, without accepting a single bid, or without receiving a single dollar gave YOUR real property away.

YOUR elected leaders have failed to protect YOUR assets. How much more of this is happening in Wyoming?

Spending your dollars 

Every year millions of YOUR dollars are spent by various state entities without bids.

Wyoming State officials routinely delegate the spending of YOUR money to government employees from other states.  These out of state officials spend Millions of YOUR dollars out of state to pay the wages, pensions, benefits, and health care of government employees in other states while Wyoming workers are left idle.

YOUR State officials have said that “cost has little bearing” and “the concerns of ….Wyoming based contractors with a handful of employees seem smaller in the scheme of things” (Wyoming Business Report July 2014).

The Wyoming Constitution Article III Sec 35 squarely places the spending of your money on YOUR Legislators.

YOUR Legislature is supposed to work for YOU. It is time they start.

YOU are worth Fighting For! 



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