Health Care

While the majority of YOU support it, Your Representative has refused to accept “Medicaid Expansion”. This action has cost Wyoming over a half a Billion Dollars over the past 4 years.

This has denied health care to over 20,000 residents.

This negatively impacts the healthcare for all Wyoming Residents, not just the low income. This is a major self inflicted problem in Park County where over 21% of the residents are over 65.

Everyone already pays for those that can not afford or are not covered by health care. More people covered with health care benefits reduce the cost to everyone.

When Montana accepted Medicaid expansion it created 5000 new jobs, and $280 Million in new personal income, according to a UM study.

With roughly half the population of Montana that could have added 2500 Jobs and $140 Million in new personal income to Wyoming.  Instead Wyoming has lost around 8300 residents in the past 2 years.

Wyoming has a suicide rate that is consistently in the top 4 nationally – over double the national rate – yet YOUR legislature continues to cut mental health funding and programs.


12% of Park County residents have no health insurance, 31% have public health insurance.  43% have none or already covered under a public plan.

Wyoming has the highest insurance rates in the lower 48 states; yet Wyoming has only one provider of individual insurance coverage.

Why does Your Representatives allow insurance companies that will only provide coverage in Wyoming to the large employers, yet refuse to cover YOU and Your family as individuals?

Why does Your Representative allow insurance companies to discriminate against YOU because of who you work for?

I would support a requirement that any insurance company selling insurance to large employers must provide equal coverage to individuals and families.

I will support expanding the current self insurance pool for Wyoming public employees so that it covers all Wyoming residents.  I support allowing small businesses to participate and pay into the fund to pay part of the health insurance for their employees.  This will help all Wyoming residents and small businesses.


While Your Legislature is not willing to ensure you have access to affordable health insurance they sure want to get involved in your personal medical treatment.

Your Legislature should not be involved in Your health care decisions and treatment – that should be between you and your medical provider, period.

Your Representative should not make Your medical treatments a crime.

Bringing your legally obtained medications with you when you visit this great state should not be a crime.

YOU are worth Fighting For! 



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