Protection of Citizens

It is the duty of government to protect ALL of our citizens especially the most vulnerable of us. Wyoming claims to be the “Equality State”; however Wyoming’s actions do not always match the claims.

Sexual harassment, assault, intimidation, bullying, and misconduct are becoming more pervasive in our country. At the same time access to recording equipment is everywhere.

I believe that sexual predators need to be identified and dealt with.

I believe that the unauthorized posting of intimate images of you, you spouse, your children, or grandchildren should be a crime (2016 HB 69).  While I have yet to talk to any Wyoming resident that does not believe this should be a crime, YOUR Representative voted against protecting you, you spouse, your children, or grandchildren.


The most vulnerable in society are our children. They have not always been protected and those that carried out or allowed the assault and abuse are not always punished.  In a case in Clark a step father only received probation and the mother was not charged in a sexual abuse case. (Cody Enterprise June 6, 2012).

I believe the endangerment of a child by a parent or guardian that results in the abuse or sexual assault of the child should be a felony (2018 HB 50) and must be prosecuted to the fullest.

With the changing of the modern Wyoming family you are having more generations living in one home.  You have children, step children, in-laws, parents, grandparents and an infinite mixture of relationships all living together.

This new dynamic can lead to stress and conflicts that all too often turn violent. To protect the most vulnerable in these households I believe that the strangulation of a household member should be a violent crime (2016 HB 132).

I support investing in more facilities that can provide counseling and abuse shelters instead of cutting funding for these vital facilities.


One of the most infamous hate crimes in Wyoming happened 20 years ago and resulted in the death of Matthew Sheppard.  These crimes happen more often than most people want to admit.

Any Wyoming resident can be the target of a hate crime because of their race, ethnicity, religion, family member, handicap, disability, occupation, life style, or any other factor.

I believe that a judge after hearing the facts of the case should have the ability to impose a harsher sentence for Hate Crimes (2016 HB 109).

Your Representative voted against all of these protections.

Your Government must protect everyone in Wyoming, resident and visitor alike.

YOU are worth Fighting For! 



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